Our Philosophy

The Jardin des Monts is above all a story related through plants. Aromatic or medicinal, roots, leaves or flowers, they are at the heart of all our creations.

Our garden is installed on a mountain pasture in the foothills of the Alps. We have given it a new life full of flowers and colors thanks to our herbal products. Whether they are fresh or dried, extracts or syrups, our desire is to renew interest in these precious plants and allow you to rediscover them through herbal teas, syrups and skincare products that combine the skills of the past with a more contemporary approach.

Formulated with simplicity in mind, our products are all derived from plants and mainly plant-based raw materials. They are characterized by high quality ingredients, made from natural and organic sources, no unnecessary preservatives and delicate artisanal production methods, inspired by age-old practices of traditional herbalists.

Our ethics

From their conception to their commercialization, our products are prepared with the greatest respect for your body and for the environment.

Our packaging has been selected from recycled and/or recyclable materials, with no additional separate instructions for use or cellophane. The skincare boxes, for example, are made from untreated, natural card and have been designed to minimize waste and unnecessary flaps. To guarantee optimal protection of the natural ingredients and their properties, we have chosen dark purple glass jars that protect the contents from UV rays.

We foster collaboration with various regional social institutions for our printing needs and for certain handling requirements, such as labeling and packing.