The Team

Jardin des Monts Jardin des Monts

The creators of the Jardin des Monts, Charlotte Landolt-Nardin and Laetitia Jacot have put their heart and soul into this project since spring 2006. Both professional horticulturists, they are passionate about aromatic and medicinal plants. Laetitia has also supplemented her knowledge by training as a herbalist.

Over the years, they have brought this terraced garden back to life on the mountain pasture slopes, while respecting its biodiversity. Their crops grow in harmony with the environment’s outstanding wild beauty. Inspired by the scents, colors and properties of their plants, Charlotte and Laetitia create with passion the Jardin des Monts’ herbal teas, syrups and skin care products. In 2009, Sandy Menoux joined the project, working from the shores of Lake Geneva. Since then, she has been responsible for product marketing and for the sales development, sharing her knowledge and experience in this field.

Now joining our team are André Mottier, landscape horticulturalist, responsible for crop management and the manufacture of our various products, and Cindy Pilet who, in addition to harvesting, also despatches orders and visits our points of sale.